Samuda & Johnson's Partners

Our Founding Partners

Our founding partners are uniquely positioned to provide you with a wealth of knowledge, experience, resources and skills.

Experience & Wisdom in Law

Over 150 Years of Combined Expertise

150 years speaks of Experience, Security, Safety and Wisdom. It also signals our dedication, commitment and quality beyond expectations.

The firm embodies this and more.

Pioneering Leadership

Pioneering Leadership

We go beyond the boundaries of human expectation, exceeding our client’s objectives and transcending their goals.

We demonstrate leadership in our profession and society by changing norms yet retaining the integrity of traditional values.

Professional Legal Team

Dedicated & Professional Team

Samuda & Johnson is firm on a sound foundation supported by a team of professionals who consistently exceed expectations while seamlessly ensuring our clients' peace of mind.

Innovation & Dynamism

Innovation & Dynamism

We are innovative and dynamic, not because it is fashionable to be so, but that we believe and moreover have the conviction that transformational change is essential if not indispensable to human and institutional growth and development and ultimately success.

A Culture of Justice

Strength & A Culture Of Justice

We firmly believe in the doctrine of equity and embrace the axioms of justice as critical elements of a strong and enlightened practice, a civil society and nationhood.

Building Solid Relationships

The firm of Samuda & Johnson – Attorneys-at-Law was established on November 1, 2006 by its founding partners Messrs.Milton Samuda, Christopher Samuda and David Johnson. They were later joined by Kwame Gordon in 2013 and Amb.G.Anthony Hylton in 2016. The Firm fulfills the vision of the founding Partners, to establish an innovative and dynamic firm providing high quality legal expertise and services to its clients. Our ability to provide this service is a result of the 150 years combined experience, knowledge, resources and skills of the founding Partners and the Firm’s outstanding Associates. Samuda & Johnson has an eclectic practice offering services to clients spanning the Caribbean, Central America, North America, South America, Europe and Southern Africa.

Our Local & International Clientele

The Firm is privileged to represent several corporations and individuals across several jurisdictions around the world. Our clientele includes established local and international companies in a variety of fields including International and Local Financing, Tourism (Local & Spanish Hoteliers), Mining & Energy, Insurance, Sport & Entertainment, Aviation, Shipping, Government & State Agencies, Advertising, Education and Investment Promotion.

Our Expertise

The Firm caters primarily to a Corporate and Commercial clientele but provides a complete suite of legal services to its clients. The firm’s areas of practice include:

Aviation; Banking; Commercial & Corporate Transactions; Corporate Finance & Securities; Construction & Real Estate; Copyright, Patents & Trademarks; Litigation & Dispute Resolution; Divorce & Family Law; Labor & Employment; Sport & Entertainment; Trusts & Estate Planning; Probate & Estate Administration; Insurance; Maritime & Admiralty; Media & Broadcasting; Mergers & Acquisitions; Mining & Energy; Pension Fund Administration; Project Financing; Public Offers & Private Placements; Telecommunications; Tax Planning; Tourism, Trade and Transportation.