Milton Samuda takes over presidency of JCC

Milton Samuda, managing partner in the law firm of
Samuda & Johnson, was given the nod Tuesday as new president of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, making history as the first lawyer to head the business grouping.

Samuda took over the presidency from Mark Myers, the franchise owner and operator of KFC and Pizza Hut business in Jamaica, who served two terms as head of the chamber.

As a member of the JCC executive, holding a vice presidential slot last year, Samuda was in line for the presidency. But it was widely expected that Edward Khoury, who was higher up the totem pole, would have inherited the seat this year.

Yesterday, Myers said Khoury, who runs the Jamaica Observer and currently holds the presidency of the Media Association of Jamaica, turned down the JCC presidency and was re-elected first vice president.

As Samuda took over yesterday, the attorney-at-law who served as second vice-president under Myers’ administration, urged members to help shape the organization into one that leads in addressing national challenges frontally.

Many challenges

“We face many challenges … we don’t have the luxury of time, so while our action must not be thoughtless, we can’t overspend our time in constant analysis and the production of endless reports,” said Samuda.

“Let us systematically pick up and pick off the low hanging fruits while simultaneously building the ladder, which will take us to fruits on high. I am confident as a nation, we can do it and as organization we can help to lead the way.”

Samuda also urged members to be vocal in their support of government programmes worthy of commendation, but said they should be just as vigorous in their opposition of policies that are not beneficial.


Samuda’s practice represents corporate and hotel financing; trade and transportation; mining and energy; sports and entertainment.

In his corporate practice, Samuda has handled major divestments, public offers, and private placements.

Samuda is one of a small group of attorneys in Jamaica with a practice offering legal expertise in mining and energy and he represents both international and local players in that sector.

He is also director of RJR Communications Group and chairman of TVJ.

His other directorship includes Berger Paints Jamaica Limited, National Outdoor Advertising Limited, Institute of Law and Economics (Chairman), Technology Innovation Centre.

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