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Other Areas of Specialisation

Copyright, Patents & Trademarks

The inventive imagination, the creative genius and branding are of priceless value and we understand and embrace the import of preserving and advancing proprietary rights.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We are protective of our reputation in the courts as strong litigators which is only equaled by our commitment to mediate and arbitrate cost effectively with value added results for our clients.

Divorce & Family Law

Our service in matrimonial matters gives due consideration to the need to maintain respectful relationships in the interest of the nuclear and extended families while asserting the inalienable rights of our client.


Our practice spans motor vehicle, property and life insurance, extends to re-insurance and is evolving as is this area of law.

Labour & Employment

Our clients represent a diverse cross-section of private sector companies and our suite of services include union negotiations, immigration matters and applications for work permits.

Maritime & Admiralty

We have represented major shipping interests and international clubs and have thereby garnered invaluable experience in steering the ship on a safe course beyond the horizons of our clients’ expectation to a certain destination.

Media & Broadcasting

A growing and vibrant practice area, we combine our knowledge of the law with the practical experience from which we have benefited by the chairmanship by two of our partners of media organizations and production houses.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With the imperative of achieving economies of scale and the critical mass in effecting operational efficiencies and sustainable growth, our skill in and advice regarding amalgamations, transfer of engagements and take overs meet and surpass our clients’ expectations.

Mining & Energy

We create the right synergy between our clients’ needs and goals particularly in solar and waste to energy initiatives.

Pension Fund Administration

A sometimes “man-made” complex area of law, we simplify company objectives and align them with the weal of the employee to achieve corporate equilibrium and profitability.

Probate & Estate Administration

We provide efficiencies in obtaining Grants in realising behests and the rights of inheritance.

Project Financing

A critical index to successfully completing ventures, our years of practice in banking and corporate law enable us to offer wise counsel respecting the metrics and modules of project financing.

Public Offers & Private Placements

This is familiar territory and we offer the full gamut of legal services in satisfying business objectives

Sport & Entertainment

Our representation of major national sport organizations and entertainment entities as well as international interests afford us tremendous credentials and has provided us with many platforms of success.


In an age of fierce competition in the telecommunications industry, our clients rely on us for strategic advice and a savvy which goes beyond telepathy.

Tax Planning

We understand the local tax regime and regulatory modalities and transfuse this knowledge with expertise in corporation law to achieve the goals of our clients.


Whether it is sport, cultural, entertainment or eco tourism or tourism in its traditional sense, we pride ourselves in the menu of legal services we offer.


Cross-border or international trade has become a critical driving factor of gross domestic product and balance of payments for developing economies that it is perforce an assertive area of our practice in which we offer best practices.


Developed and developing societies recognise the imperative of linking and linkages for infrastructural growth and metropolitan modernity and we acknowledge this unreservedly in giving customized advice

Trusts & Estate Planning

An often forgotten facet of the life of the living, the Firm invests its expertise and resources in creating capital and value and an agenda for action for our clients.

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Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

The first step we take when taking on a new case is to conduct an initial consultation with the client. During this consultation, we gather information about the case, including the facts, relevant dates, and any documentation the client may have. We also assess the client’s legal needs and determine if we are the right lawyer for the case.

2.Case Evaluation

After the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the case. This may involve researching relevant laws, reviewing any relevant documents or evidence, and conducting interviews with witnesses or experts. Based on this evaluation, we develop a legal strategy for the case.

3. Communication with Client

Throughout the course of the case, we maintain regular communication with the client. This may involve providing updates on the case’s progress, answering any questions the client may have, and explaining legal concepts or procedures as necessary.

4. Legal Action

Once we have developed a legal strategy and communicated this to the client, we take appropriate legal action. This may involve drafting legal documents, negotiating with opposing parties, representing the client in court, or taking other steps to achieve the desired legal outcome. Throughout the legal process, we continue to evaluate the case, adjust the legal strategy as necessary, and communicate with the client regarding any developments.

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